• Open Forum

    The NBSC provides an open forum for Biopharmaceutical Security Professionals to discuss the latest issues in corporate security. Our goal is to facilitate the collection and dissemination of relevent news in the biopharmaceutical profession.
  • News & Events

    Our goal is to facilitate the collection and dissemination of relevant news, information and resources for the biopharmaceutical industry. Additionally, our annual conference is a fantastic way to network with other biopharmaceutical security professionals around the globe. Such conferences provide the opportunity to determine the current needs in the industry so the NBSC can respond accordingly for its members.
  • A Collective Voice

    A lone voice is too easily ignored. We are the collective voice for the Biopharmaceutical industry and through such voice, we strive to promote positive and productive changes in government to promote overall patient safety.
  • Technology & Innovation

    As the world grows smaller and technology continues to evolve, we as professionals must keep pace. Reinventing the wheel is costly in both time and personnel resources. Through shared experiences and collective brainstorming, the NBSC is here to help all members stay as current as possible in their technology integration and utilization goals.

NBSC Mission Statement

The Mission of the National Biopharmaceutical Security Council (NBSC) is to provide a forum of selected Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical security professionals whose combined expertise will be in developing, organizing, and coordinating the sharing of security related knowledge and best practices throughout the pharmaceutical industry, both domestically and internationally.

Security Planning for the Pharmaceutical Industry

   Over the past several years, the pharmaceutical industry has encountered a number of security vulnerabilities that have affected the way in which they conduct business. With patient safety as the paramount to the industry, security professionals are continually tasked to address the ever changing fast paced environment. The industry has seen an influx of crimes that include, but not limited to, workplace violence, data security, intellectual property violations, extremist groups, brand integrity, and a number of physical/operational issues.